So who is Luxembourg?

For centuries, the Grand Duchy was the theatre and the object of endless struggles between European powers, which set it up as an impregnable fortress to then dismantle it 200 years later. It has been at the heart of a multitude of cultural influences, partly because of its geographical location but also because of trade, industrialization, and immigration.

It has protected its woodlands like a treasure, shaped its landscapes with winegrowing, farming, and architecture. It has cultivated linguistic diversity, cultural originality, and economic freedom. From being poor and bled by emigration at the end of the 19th century, it has now become one of the most attractive countries in the world for working and living, and a genuine societal melting pot.

The Grand Duchy leaves no one indifferent, for it has its own place in the concert of nations: a pioneer of economic alliances and partnerships, a modest and persevering mediator, and a nation where everyone feels at home. Since its independence, the country has invented and reinvented itself a thousand times by building on its dynamism, its reliability, and its openness.

It is the breadth of its personality and multiple facets that we invite you to discover. Help us make the Grand Duchy better known and stand out!

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