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What is EXPO 2020 DUBAI?

Universal exhibitions are held every 5 years. Their objectives are public education, the promotion of progress and cooperation.

The next World Expo will take place from the 1st of October 2021 to 31st of March 2022 in Dubai*, United Arab Emirates. It will be the first world exhibition organized in the MEASA region (Middle East, Africa and South Asia).

192 countries and international organizations will participate in EXPO 2020 DUBAI, including Luxembourg. The organizers are expecting more than 25 million visitors from all over the world.

*Initially scheduled for 2020, the EXPO 2020 DUBAI has been postponed due to the coronavirus health crisis

What is the theme of EXPO 2020 DUBAI?

EXPO 2020 DUBAI’s theme is “Connecting minds, building the future”. The idea is to build partnerships and to inspire ideas that will forge the world of tomorrow.

Beside this main theme, the Expo will have three sub-themes: mobility, sustainability and opportunity.

Luxembourg has chosen this last theme as a priority.

The theme of the Luxembourg pavilion will be “Resourceful Luxembourg”.

Who organizes the Luxembourg presence at EXPO 2020 DUBAI?

The Luxembourg presence is organized by a GIE (groupement d’intérêt économique, economic interest group), composed of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, through the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, as well as the Chamber of Commerce, POST and SES.

The GIE is responsible for the preparation, the design, the construction, the management and the dismantling of the pavilion.

The GIE is supported by several sponsors. It works closely with many other organizations and entities.

What will the Luxembourg Pavilion look like?

The Luxembourg pavilion , designed by Metaform , selected following a call for proposals, will have a shape based on the idea of ​​the Möbius ribbon, an infinite form, like the circular economy, but also symbol of openness and dynamism.

Upon entry, visitors will be guided from the entrance to the floors from where the exhibition will begin, including an ambulatory scenography, presenting the country in five aspects:

  • diverse
  • connecting
  • sustainable
  • enterprising
  • beautiful

This scenography, developed by Jangled Nerves will show what animates the country and its inhabitants, will give general information on the country, the different sectors of the economy, as well as everyday life.

From the highest point of the pavilion, visitors can choose to descend to the ground floor via the stairs or a giant slide, a nod to the “Schueberfouer”, Luxembourg’s traditional fair dating back to 1340.

On the ground floor, they will discover the shop and the restaurant.

The pavilion will have a width of 50 meters and a height of 21 meters. The gross constructed area will be 2.100m2 (13,900 m3) on a 3.500m2 site.

With its 3 floors, the pavilion will have a capacity of 500 people.

The average journey time is estimated at 15 to 20 minutes.

Why is Luxembourg participating?

Several reasons explain why the Grand Duchy decided to participate at the EXPO 2020 DUBAI. Here are the most important ones:

Excellent bilateral relations

Luxembourg has had close bilateral relations with the UAE for a long time. Participation in EXPO 2020 DUBAI is part of the continuation of these good relations.

The profile of the exhibition

With its theme “connect the minds, build the future” and its sub-themes sustainability, mobility and opportunity, which fit perfectly into the promotion efforts of the Luxembourg government, the exhibition should arouse strong interest among many economic actors in Luxembourg.

The “nation branding” point of view

Participation in the Expo is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of Luxembourg on the world stage.

The objectives of the participation will be to make Luxembourg better known, to promote its values ​​of openness, dynamism and reliability, as well as to present Luxembourg as a country really focused on finding solutions to the challenges of the future.

The public

The organizers estimate that 25 million people should visit the exhibition, 70% of which should come from abroad, from the Middle East, but also from all continents of the world. EXPO 2020 will be the most cosmopolitan universal exhibition in history.


Since its first participation in the World Exhibition in London in 1851, Luxembourg has been present whenever the theme corresponded to its DNA: Paris 1855, Paris 1867, Philadelphia 1876, Paris 1878, Antwerp 1885, Paris 1889, Brussels 1897, Paris 1900, Liege 1905, Brussels 1910, Gent 1913, Paris 1925, Chicago 1933-34, Brussels 1935, Paris 1937, New York 1939-40, Brussels 1958, Seattle 1962, Sevilla 1992, Lisbon 1998, Hanover 2000 and Shanghai 2010.

How to get your tickets?

You can already purchase tickets online at Tickets | Expo 2020 Dubai.
You can also book an organized trip from Luxembourg with our partner ULT.