The theme

“Resourceful Luxembourg” is the central theme of the Luxembourg Pavilion, situated in the opportunity district.

As a smart nation, Luxembourg has always felt the need to look outward and combine its human, natural, technical, industrial, and financial resources to create its future.

Throughout its history, the country has always been able to reinvent itself in order to move from an agricultural country to industrial power and a global financial center with its redirection towards research, digital technologies, and space industries.

He always knew how to be open, dynamic and reliable.


In concrete terms, Luxembourg develops and sets out the following objectives:

  1. Create a society that draws on its richness in diversity (cultures, languages, partnerships …)
  2. Find new resources for humanity (financial, spatial, digital …)
  3. To be a laboratory for the future (commitment for the 3rd industrial revolution, circular economy, quality of life …)
  4. Promote active solidarity

The underlying theme of Luxembourg’s presence at EXPO 2020 DUBAI starts with resources and the need to reinvent them.

Because: preserving the resources of our planet and finding new ones to ensure the survival of humanity are the 2 most fascinating challenges of our time.

Innovation is also part of Luxembourg’s DNA: by intelligently connecting networks, energy, ICTs, and users, considerable progress can be made for society and a better quality of life. And just as intelligence multiplies when it is shared, Luxembourg has always demonstrated its openness to all.

It has even become a center dedicated to financing projects that fight against global warming around the world. Luxembourg is also a place where sustainable development projects will find an effective springboard towards success.

It is because of this daring spirit that this small country has grown larger and has, for several decades, even projected its influence into space. It pushes the boundaries of communication by bringing the Internet to wherever it is inaccessible and continues to explore opportunities that will expand its influence in space.

In the end, Luxembourg is a living laboratory for rethinking the question of resources.

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