Meet the sponsors: Cargolux

Founded in Luxembourg in 1970 and based here ever since Cargolux is proud to have been part of the Grand-Duchy’s business community for over 50 years. As an international cargo airline, Cargolux flies the flag of Luxembourg all over the world.

Let’s learn more about one of the sponsors of Luxembourg @ EXPO 2020 DUBAI:

What is your motivation to be a partner of the Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2020 DUBAI?

The EXPO 2020 is an opportunity for Luxembourg to demonstrate its expertise in various fields and showcase its unique culture.

Cargolux is therefore pleased to leverage its expertise in the art of air cargo transportation to support this important national initiative.

What are the expected outcomes of your participation?

Cargolux’s primary focus is to showcase the diversity of expertise and the friendly business environment in Luxembourg. We are here to underline our commitment to the Grand-Duchy and to the cultural influence of our home base.

The EXPO’s main theme is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” which resonates with our airline’s philosophy.

The Luxembourg Pavilion itself is articulated around the notion of “Resourceful Luxembourg”, a position we strive to promote throughout the world with Luxembourg as a logistical hub.

‘Creating the Future’ is also one of the key aspects of how we do this to ensure a sustainable planet.

What story do you want to tell by participating in the EXPO 2020?

Luxembourg, our home base is full of opportunities both for businesses and individuals. Its unique position, both geographically and politically, at the heart of Europe makes Luxembourg the perfect place to thrive.

Cargolux is a prime example of a success story made in the Grand-Duchy.

After starting off as a small operation with a handful of second-hand aircraft, Cargolux has grown to be a leading provider of air cargo services recognized worldwide.

By supporting the EXPO 2020, our company can contribute to showing that Luxembourg abounds with opportunities and has its vision for the future.

Why are the UAE and the Gulf region particularly interesting for your institution?

Dubai was one of the earliest additions to the Cargolux network with the first flight taking place in 1975. The UAE has always played a key role in Cargolux’s operations, providing a significant commercial gateway in the region for both east- and west-bound flights.

To this day, Dubai remains an important hub for our operations in the Middle East and we are happy to enjoy long-standing relationships with partners in the region.


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