LTIO Abu Dhabi: Meet Luxembourg’s Regional Partner in the Middle East

“All the knowledge is in the connections”

As we’ve been presenting to you the participating partners, sponsors and institutions, the Luxembourgish participation at EXPO 2020 DUBAI would be unimaginable without the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office (LTIO) Abu Dhabi.

Today we introduce you to Mr. Loic Bertoli, Executive Director of the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commissioner General.

1. What is the LTIO Abu Dhabi, and what does the organization do exactly?

The LTIO or Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office Abu Dhabi is part of the international network of Promotion and Prospection offices of the Ministry of the Economy.

Their mission is on one hand to help Luxembourg companies to develop their businesses and further deepen their presence in the country where the LTIO is located, and on the other hand to attract, support and accompany foreign companies, business people, and investors that are interested in either do business and invest in Luxembourg or access the European market through Luxembourg.

In summary, the LTIO promotes Luxembourg for business, trade, and investments.

The LTIO Abu Dhabi has this particularity to be embedded in the Embassy, i.e. the Executive Director of the LTIO is also the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy, combining together with the Ambassador the representation of political and economic interests.

In a country like the UAE where politics and economy are deeply intertwined, the daily work and cooperation of the embassy and the LTIO gives faster and better access to local decision-makers.

2. Can you give a short description of the team and its functions?

Allow me to present you the small but very efficient and dynamic LTIO team: many of you will already know both Mrs. Nadia Benchouk and Mrs. Sabrina Amiar from their interaction with the LTIO Abu Dhabi.

Mrs. Benchouk joined the LTIO already 5 years ago and as a seasoned Senior Economic Advisor she is more particularly in charge of the promotion of the Luxembourg Space sector, Logistics and Cleantech sectors

Mrs. Sabrina Amiar joined the LTIO a bit later, in Summer 2018, bringing her expertise in helping and promoting companies from her previous job at a business organization.

As Senior Economic Advisor, Mrs. Amiar is in charge of the trade promotion, hence supporting Luxembourg companies to develop their activities in the UAE. Mrs. Amiar is also in charge of the promotion of the Luxembourg fintech, healthech and ICT sectors in the UAE.

3. Why is your organization important for Luxembourg?

The role of a Luxembourg representation abroad, be it an embassy or an LTIO, is primarily to represent and to develop Luxembourg interests from a political, economic, finance, or even cultural point of view.

The LTIO is a key partner for Luxembourg companies wanting to tap into the UAE market in the first place but also looking at expanding into the GCC region.

Through our network and our expertise on the ground, we can help companies to navigate through the sometimes complex realities of the local market, help to find the right partners, and access the right information. In other words, the LTIO together with the Embassy helps to open and get a foot in the door.

The LTIO is also important to promote the various aspects of Luxembourg and the various sectors in line with the general strategy of economic development adopted by the government.

Again, through relations and the network established throughout the recent years, the LTIO together with the Embassy can promote Luxembourg to key decision-makers at the government and companies’ level to attract new investments, projects, companies, talents, and technologies.

4. What is the role of the LTIO Abu Dhabi in the Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2020 DUBAI?

Allow me to underline again the importance of the cooperation between the LTIO and the Embassy working as one and united team for the success of the Luxembourg participation at Expo2020.

Therefore, it is not only the role of the LTIO but the role of the whole team of the Luxembourg representation in the UAE together with the colleagues from the Luxembourg pavilion and the various stakeholders in Luxembourg to make our participation at Expo2020 a success.

We are all working on the coordination and implementation of the ambitious program that will promote Luxembourg in its multiple facets.

The economic and trade program proposed by the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg is of course one of the major pillar of our activities in the coming 6 months: supporting the organization of the various events, coordinating and implementing the program of the numerous delegations from Luxembourg coming to the UAE during the Expo2020.

The main task of the LTIO remains of course to support the Luxembourg companies seeking advice to tap into the local market.

The LTIO will continue to strengthen and develop its relations with the UAE key partners and actors of the economic and business communities, leveraging our participation at Expo2020 to attract new projects of cooperation between Luxembourg, the UAE and the whole GCC region.

Last but not least we are prepared to be the first contact for business people and companies wanting to know more about Luxembourg once they have visited the Luxembourg pavilion.

5. What opportunities does Expo 2020 present for Luxembourg?

The opportunities are manifold as we expect to promote Luxembourg at the unique World Stage Expo2020, to give our business people and our companies a truly unique opportunity to showcase their products and services to an international audience.

The aim is also to present the multiple facets and advantages of Luxembourg as a prime business location, as a hub to enter the European market. We also want to promote our culture, our beautiful nature, our tourism and hospitality services, our culinary “savoir-faire”…

6. Any special events you’re particularly looking forward to?

There will be certainly many highlights. I can tell you that on an opening day, after 5 years of working on this project, when the first visitors will enter and discover the beauty of our pavilion I will be nervous but certainly happy and proud of the work we have accomplished.

It means really a lot to me, and I guess for all my colleagues who have worked so hard on this project, this will be a truly unique moment.

Another highlight will certainly be the Luxembourg Day at Expo2020.

To see the Luxembourg Flag raised at the Expo2020 for our National Day in presence of the high representatives of our country will certainly be a very emotional moment. Many events will take place around the National Day of Luxembourg at Expo2020 and we are all keen and motivated to see the many Luxembourg partners and stakeholders successfully participate at these events.

To be honest, there are many moments that will be truly unique, a World Expo is always an incredible journey where you meet people from all around the world and make friends from all stages of life and origins.

7. How can visitors connect with LTIO Abu Dhabi during EXPO 2020 DUBAI?

LTIO Abu Dhabi will always be reachable at: ltio.abudhabi@mae.etat.lu and by phone at +971 2 2079999


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