Meet the partners: Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

170 years after the first World Exposition, based on the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, Expo 2020 Dubai will be held in Dubai from 1 October 2021 to 30th March 2022 and plans to welcome 25 million visits.

In December 2016, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce decided to join this adventure by becoming a partner of the Economic Interest Group (GIE) responsible for the design, construction, and operation of the Luxembourg presence.

What is your motivation to be a partner of the Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2020 DUBAI?

The first World Exposition was held in London in 1851. Britain, then at its peak politically and economically, reinvented the existing concept of national industrial exhibitions. This first ‘Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations’ took place in Hyde Park in a magical palace of glass and steel, the Crystal Palace.

The Palace welcomed 17,000 exhibitors, including six Luxembourgers recommended by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce: the shoe manufacturer “J. Wemmer” (bootmaker to the Grand Duke, who would be awarded a medal); the glovemakers “Ganterie Française de l’Union”; linen manufacturers “Godchaux”; wallpaper manufacturer “Jacques Lamort”; ceramicist “Jean François Boch”; and master blacksmith “Auguste Metz”, who could not be grouped together but were obliged to exhibit in different areas depending on their type of product.

In addition to its financial contribution within the GIE, and in line with the new economic promotion strategy, which brings together multiple actors under the banner “Trade & Invest”, the Chamber of Commerce intends to organize a trade program for its nationals during the World Expo, as it has already been done in Shanghai.

Different opportunities to showcase the Luxembourg economy will be presented, with an emphasis on future technologies, digitalization, mobility, and the circular economy.

Alongside its Luxembourg Trade & Invest colleagues, the Embassy of Luxembourg, and the Investment and Trade Office in the UAE, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce will organize varied programs that will put Luxembourg’s participating businesses and expertise in the global shop window.

What are the objectives of your participation?

The Chamber of Commerce has a trade program intended to help the country’s companies during Expo 2020 Dubai. Assistance to the international development of its member companies is one of the flagship missions of the Chamber of Commerce.

Therefore, the Chamber will organize a diversified trade program for Luxembourg companies wishing to participate in the Expo, which will include various activities organized throughout the six months of the exhibition.

During this unprecedented opportunity to present the Luxembourg economy to the whole world, tailor-made sector missions, as well as a ‘Luxembourg Day’ and a ‘Made in Luxembourg’ week, will allow participating companies to showcase in front of a professional and international audience.

The Chamber’s trade program, linked to the major international fairs organized in the Dubai region during the World Exposition, will facilitate the access of our companies to international markets and build a strong economic image of Luxembourg while putting an emphasis on future technologies, digitalization, mobility, and the circular economy.

Anyone interested can find out about the various activities on our dedicated website: cc2020.lu.

What story do you want to tell by participating in the EXPO 2020?

Since the very first World Exposition in London in 1851, the Chamber of Commerce has always supported Luxembourg’s participation.

It will not be different for Dubai, which represents an ideal opportunity to position the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the international arena, promote its economy and seize the enormous economic and commercial opportunities that result from it. Connecting Luxembourg businessmen with those from all over the world is clearly in the DNA of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, Expo 2020 Dubai will be the best opportunity to showcase the many projects implemented as part of our strategy linked to the third industrial revolution and to motivate more companies to embark on this path.

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce will be Connecting Businesses, Creating opportunities. 

Why are the UAE and the Gulf region particularly interesting for your institution?

The United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region are amongst the most dynamic economic regions in the world. The visionary leadership of the country permits the implementation of projects at breakneck speed.

Amongst the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Dubai serves as a commercial center, which radiates throughout the region and opens a commercial space that extends far beyond the UAE.

In this context, the trade program developed within the framework of the World Exposition can offer Luxembourg-based businesses opportunities not just in the UAE, but also open new markets far beyond.


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