Meet the sponsors: MCM STEEL LUXEMBOURG

Since 1998, MCM Steel Luxembourg is specialized in the trade and transformation of steel products.

The company has a complete range of products in coils (hot-rolled, pickled, cold-rolled, and coated), heavy plates, beams, concrete iron, wire rod, tubes, flat iron, and stainless steel materials.

MCM Steel also offers efficient production solutions for all applications and a large storage capacity for many sizes of steel products. The company’s ideal geographical location between France, Belgium, and Germany facilitate European and international trade.

MCM Steel’s products and services include the trade, sheets and slits, beams, tubes, and rolled products in various qualities, including plates, stainless steel, and concrete irons.

MCM Steel also carries out studies of complex industrial works and construction for the mining sector.

The activities on the international markets are the strength of MCM Steel Luxembourg.

Why MCM STEEL is participating in Expo 2020 Dubai

The company’s motivation to participate in the World Expo is driven by the desire to mark the international footprint of MCM Steel Luxembourg.

Being a sponsor of the Luxembourg pavilion in Dubai and representing the Luxembourg economy is a given for MCM.

The presence in the Middle East is the place to be for all their customers and contacts.

MCM Steel Luxembourg will be present at the Luxembourg pavilion on Friday 29 October 2021 from 17h00 for the company’s event.


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