Meet the sponsors: Schroeder Joailliers – Know-how and Passion since 1877

Schroeder Joailliers was founded in 1877 by Lambert Schroeder, the great-great-grandfather of the actual C.E.O. of the company Mr. Pierre Rossy, who joined the family business in 1979.

Schroeder Joailliers is the oldest jewelry store in Luxembourg and is still located at the same spot since its opening on May 5th, 1877.

Under the leadership of Pierre Rossy, besides jewelry, the company started producing its own accessories and perfume lines, and the successful watch brand Schroeder Timepieces was born.

As well, Schroeder Joailliers has expanded internationally, deploying agents and participating in various exhibitions across the continents.

Schroeder Joailliers in Luxembourg perpetuates a family tradition marrying traditional craftsmanship and creativity. Today, the family business counts the fifth generation following their passion in the jewelry store at 27-29 Grand-Rue in Luxembourg-City.

Why Schroeder Joailliers is participating at EXPO 2020 DUBAI

Already in 2013, Schroeder Jewellers marked its presence in the United Arab Emirates with a prestigious cocktail party held at the Dubai International Financial Centre. Members of the royal family of Kuwait and Qatar graced the occasion.

Eight years later, Pierre Rossy signed a new contract with Istana, which is also a family business with stores in Dubai, as well as an elegant private showroom displaying Fine Jewelry located in the business district of Dubai, where private clients and personalities from the region are received.

Another reason being that Schroeder has created an emblematic collection named “Rose of Luxembourg“, which honors Grand Duchess Charlotte but also the history of roses in Luxembourg, part of the heritage of our country.

This jewelry collection with its strong Luxembourgish identity will perfectly illuminate the VIP lounge of the Luxembourg pavilion at Expo 2020.

Schroeder Joailliers is thus strengthening its presence in the Gulf countries with its exhibition of the “Rose of Luxembourg” collection in the VIP lounge of the Luxembourg pavilion, as a silver sponsor of the prestigious pavilion.


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