5 Benefits of Participating in Trade Missions as a Company

Luxembourg has a strong economy, and innovative, business-friendly policies. This makes it one of the most attractive business locations in the world.

Many companies, domestic and international, play their part in this well-developed, sustainable ecosystem that empowers growth, equity, and competitiveness.

To achieve diversification in an economic sense means to continuously search for markets with similar goals:  to develop innovation-based strategies and concrete, measurable goals. Trade missions in this sense represent the opportunity to examine this approach, but also to have a dialogue about the key similar areas.

Currently, such key areas in Luxembourg are the space program, sustainable digital transition, knowledge-based economy and data-driven economy. And they are being promoted within the framework of a supportive investment environment.

In summary, you can therefore say, that trade missions are on the one hand important activities to promote the vast economic potential of Luxembourg abroad. On the other hand, they provide an opportunity for Luxembourgish companies to exchange knowledge, expand markets, and find potential new partners.

Exploring new markets

Participating in a trade mission is a direct opportunity to become familiarized with the extensive markets inside and outside Europe.

The purpose of trade missions is to provide you unique access to decision-makers and business executives around the world. Trade missions can save you valuable time and resources by maximizing contact with prospective distributors, sales representatives, or partners. And this, around the globe!


Participating in international trade missions provides direct contact with decision-makers, relevant experts, and key figures from the respective areas of the companies involved.

Trade missions are also a mechanism for promoting the country’s successes and potentials. In this case, the Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2020 DUBAI will provide a unique setting where the countries’ representatives gather and interact with the interested public.

Be ready for business-to-business meetings and tailor-made workshops.

All these activities are focused on providing networking opportunities for those interested in elevating their businesses and opening them up to new challenges.

International partnerships

Trade missions are extremely valuable in modern, data-driven societies. Not only that the funds for certain, still-developing areas can be limiting, but the lack of expertise can also be one of the challenges.

Building quality business relationships plays an important role. It has the unifying aspect aiming at achieving the common goal.

Cultural differences, language barriers, financial and legislative frameworks are crucial for forming partnerships.

Participating in trade missions opens up the possibility of mapping the potential partners as well as learning about the potential challenges and solutions.

These partnerships are not only limited to the hosting country, in this case, the UAE, but trade missions will provide you with access to markets around the globe.

Keeping up with the latest trends

Although marketing has evolved in recent years, and information is available in real-time, being ”at the source” is still one of the irreplaceable benefits of international trade.

Having the chance to experience the environment built around the key trade areas brings another perspective. It gives the opportunity to re-think and, if needed, adjust or improve already existing strategies for further development.

In addition, gathering examples of good practice and exchanging knowledge is an efficient mechanism for polishing up the potential gaps and widening the reach of impact for the future actions of the company.

Support and competitiveness

Luxembourg has multiple programs for supporting the development of businesses in different stages. However, when entering different markets, the information about the mechanisms for support is of great relevance.

In addition, trade missions are good gathering places for checking out the potential competition. This is also important since many international companies tend to move their headquarters to Luxembourg due to its favorable strategic position and connectivity with all relevant centers in the European Union.


In general, multiple facilitators are present during trade missions, intending to be a pillar, and help the process go smoothly for the businesses willing to invest, regardless of the region.

Introducing an immense number of opportunities is one of the main benefits of free trade. Improvement and development are encouraged through Luxemburg’s single market and export-oriented strategy.

Support is provided on multiple levels, and trade missions are just one of them.

Businesses are welcome to explore the benefits of working with companies in Luxembourg and evolve through innovation, sustainability, and general principles of free trade.


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For more information about trade missions in the context of the EXPO 2020 DUBAI, visit cc2020.lu

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