Recording of Pavilion Sound by Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra

On 7 and 8 December 2020, the sound of the Luxembourg pavilion at EXPO 2020 DUBAI was recorded at the Luxembourg Philharmonie.

It is indeed the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra (OPL) that is responsible for the music that visitors will discover throughout their journey through the pavilion.

With 98 musicians from some twenty nations, the OPL illustrates perfectly the multiculturality of the Luxembourg population.

Particularly renowned for the elegance of its sound, the OPL is invited all over the world.

The music recorded at the beginning of December under the direction of Gast Waltzing consists of 5 parts, each illustrating one of the 5 parts of the pavilion’s scenography, namely:

  • Diverse
  • Connecting
  • Sustainable
  • Enterprising
  • Beautiful

In less than 300 days, the first visitors will be able to discover the result and be amazed by all that Luxembourg has to offer.

Copyright picture: Philharmonie Luxembourg / Alfionso Salgueiro

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