Launch of the website and the public tender for the conception of the Luxembourg Pavilion

The World Expo 2020 will be held from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). More than 25 million visitors are expected. Some 200 countries and international organizations will present their ideas and solutions centered on the theme: “Connecting minds, creating the future”. Three closely related sub-themes have been chosen: mobility, sustainability and opportunity. This last sub-theme is the theme Luxembourg will be focusing on. The main theme of the Luxembourg Pavilion is “Resourceful Luxembourg” -Luxembourg, land of resources. Luxembourg has always been aware of the importance to be open to the outside world and to combine human, natural, technical, industrial and financial resources to shape its future.

The website dedicated to Luxembourg’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai has now gone online. In particular, it presents Expo 2020 Dubai and gives all relevant information on Luxembourg’s participation. The website will regularly update the Luxembourg public  on the pavilion’s planning and construction process.

The call for projects relating to the design of the Luxembourg pavilion for the Expo 2020 Dubai will be published in the print media on Wednesday 18th of January 2017 and can already be consulted on the public procurement portal. Groups of architects and scenographers are invited to submit a project by 20th of March 2017 at the latest with a view to concluding a negotiated contract.

The Luxembourg pavilion will be constructed on a plot of approximately 3,500m2, and will include a permanent exhibition space, a multipurpose space, a restaurant, administrative and management premises as well as technical premises. Scenography and architecture will put the problem of resources in the broad sense and in detail into perspective. Drawing on the principles of circular economy and interconnection, both scenography and architecture will aim at reflecting the problem of our planet’s finite resources.

Applications should in particular document the link between the proposed project and the theme chosen for the Luxembourg pavilion. The environmental, energy and technological qualities of the project should figure among the elements included in the application file and should clearly reflect the concept of circular economy. Moreover, reconversion scenarios for the Luxembourg pavilion’s use after the universal exhibition should be elaborated on.

Communicated by the ministry of Economy

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